Catalyst Recruitment - People + Progress


Above all we aim to be positive in what we do and inspired by you as your recruitment and human resources practitioner, we are determined to set the highest standards conducting our working relationships.

Enjoy a very human approach:


  • We provide our services politely
  • Confident in giving the best information we can, we understand and accept you make the decisions


  • We are driven to deliver the best quality, best value and most timely results
  • Motivated by success, we recognise opportunity to improve in all we do
  • We adapt enthusiastically to deliver our services to the highest standards


  • We work with you towards your goals
  • Real understanding and concensus are central to our being able to deliver most constructively


  • We will use our initiative and feel compelled to share new ideas at every opportunity


  • We are absolutely committed to completing our work successfully
  • We always seek to uphold integrity and value continuity in our working relationships


  • We recognise what we can achieve and communicate that openly
  • We behave professionally
  • Highly conscientious in what we do