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It's a Digital Treasure Hunt rollover!

Left to right: Alex Cutts, sales executive at Atlas Cloud, Victoria Anderson, managing director of Art Evolution and Paul Wilson, managing director of Catalyst at Newcastle's High Level Bridge - the location of the first golden ticket

Jul 31, 2014

One of an impressive collection of artworks produced by eminent local artists awaits the first person to find the next golden ticket for the NECC’s Great North East Digital Treasure Hunt, courtesy of new prize sponsor Art Evolution. Join the hunt here:

Launched in the last issue of Contact, the digital treasure hunt is a technology enabled challenge to solve puzzles which reveal a secret location across the North East where a prize-winning golden ticket is cleverly hidden.

And would-be treasure hunters can win a double prize in this month’s competition because it’s a national-lottery-style prize rollover with no-one of nearly 50 hunters cracking the coded clue from the first competition.

Paul Wilson, managing director of recruitment specialists Catalyst, who organise the competition together with the NECC and technology company Atlas Cloud, explains: “The last code led to a well-hidden cubby-hole on the west-side path of the High Level Bridge in Newcastle which could be found by counting the number of lamp-posts and pillars given in the clue. We certainly had a great response with lots of people taking part but we’ve made this month’s clue a little easier and whoever reaches the golden ticket first this time will win a fantastic and very desirable double prize.”

This month’s prize package will include an individual artwork from a valuable collection of prints and paintings by local artists donated by Art Evolution, the Northumberland-based online art gallery. The winner will also claim the Nokia Lumia 625 smartphone kindly donated by Activ Telecom for the first competition.

Victoria Anderson, managing director of Art Evolution said: “Our online gallery aims to bring affordable, exciting, contemporary art produced by North East artists, to a wider audience. To me the most significant thing an artist can do is to enable us to see something in a different way. Art is a means of allowing us to see what is unseen and express what is unexpressed. This fits superbly well with the aims of the Great North East Digital Treasure Hunt which is why we are happy to support the competition.”

Similar to geocaching – the family-friendly treasure hunt game which is popular all over the world – part of each clue will be co-ordinates which can be typed into a search engine like Google, or a GPS device or a smartphone with a GPS app. This will then provide a location map. The next part of the clue will help you to find the specific spot where the golden ticket is hidden in a waterproof container – but there is no digging involved, the hiding place is always easily accessible.

The Great North East Digital Treasure Hunt is open to all members and will run for 12 months through the magazine and the fortnightly online Contact Bulletin. The initiative has been organised to coincide with the run up to the Chamber’s 200th anniversary celebrations next summer as well as Catalyst’s 10th birthday in 2015.

How to take part: To register for the Great North East Digital Treasure Hunt visit:

You will receive the clue when you register at
By solving the clue you will discover the location of a golden ticket placed securely in a public place somewhere in the region. The first to claim the ticket will win the prize.

Terms and conditions apply. Visit for more information and to register

The Prizes: one artwork piece from an impressive collection produced by local artists donated by Art Evolution as well as a Nokia Lumia 625 Smartphone donated by Activ Telecom.

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