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Catalyst invests in Cloud technology

Sep 1, 2013

Newcastle-based recruitment and human resources consultancy, Catalyst, has invested in Cloud technology to improve the efficiency and flexibility of its service.

Catalyst's business model is based on home-working employees which demands sophisticated and powerful IT and communications technology.

It has just completed a project to transfer its IT to a cloud based system with the help of Newcastle-based Atlas Infrastructure Management, AtlasIM.

All its data is stored offsite in a secure data centre allowing staff to access it remotely via the internet.

AtlasIM business development director Peter Watson said: "Data stored in the central data centre is absolutely secure which is essential for a recruitment business but Catalyst's staff can work anywhere in the world as long as they can connect to the internet."

Catalyst owner Paul Wilson added: "Our IT investment massively increases the capacity of the business. Our operations are now faster and more run more smoothly and this move allows us to roll out even further our home working model which is very green, very staff friendly and very cost effective for the client.''

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