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BBC News Budget 2010 - Catalyst Calls for Adaptability

Jul 26, 2010

Invited to appear on BBC News, Catalyst's Paul Wilson goes for it!

What would we do given the opportunity to comment on this year's emergency budget on BBC News?  Jump at it, of course!

On a bright summer afternoon at the Sage, following a call "out of the blue" from BBC production a couple of weeks in advance , Catalyst's Paul Wilson commented on what he felt the recent budget means for the employers and employees in the North East.  See the video at BBC Budget Interview 2010.

Afterwards Paul said, "It was a really interesting experience - we were pretty well rehearsed when we appeared but adrenalin still coursed!  It's amazing how quickly live TV moves.  In some ways I'd wish I had talked about integrity, motivation, confidence, communication skills and all of the other attributes I like to see in people as a recruiter - that said, during recent times, and indeed according to the adage "adapt to survive", adaptability seemed the best place to focus what I had to say and is applicable to employers and employees.  It was really good to meet Fiona Cruickshank too."

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