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Catalyst signs up to WorkWise concordat

Nov 10, 2009

Work Wise UK is a not-for-profit initiative which aims to make the UK the most progressive economy in the world and encourage smarter working practices to the benefit of business, employees and the country as a whole.

To Catalyst, as a recruitment and HR provider, smarter working means maximum efficiency with our people working from home, best using available technology and allowing flexible working hours.

Paul Wilson, Director says, “At 8-9am and 5-6pm it's great to think we are making far better use of time and resources than being in a car. I enjoy driving as much as most folk - when I can actually move!"

"Adapting to home working is really easy. I enjoy being able to think more clearly and home, by my definition, is somewhere to feel much more comfortable. I believe we reach a happier balance working this way - it's really productive.”

"In consultancy there’s a lot of interaction with our customers. We are more likely than ever to visit their premises. We obtain better client understanding and do a better job. Home working means we can be very competitive too. When we need an office we use one of a multitude of options”.

"As people naturally need to interact with others, when work life changes in this way, we change what we are doing. As colleagues, we meet regulary and communicate in new ways. Time with family and friends becomes more precious and I make more of an effort to see folk."

"For Catalyst people, work can fit more comfortably with other commitments - additional employment, family etc. For me, the flexibility means I can make extra effort at will."

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